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Episode #1 BIAM:
9Lives Of Nubia- Charleston Murders - Remembered

Dead Poets Posts:
Celebrating Transitioned Artists Of The World

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INNERViews:  A Man's Emotional Trauma of losing a child.

Coming in the PREMIERE Episode of B.I.A.M. - Story of a DUTCH MAN.

 Theme Slogans: "Blood Is Whiter Than Black." — "One Love, One Blood, One Mud, In One Harmony. "

Episode #1 BIAM:
The Red Room

Averted Words Of Our Adoration

Philosophy Of The Barnyard:
Our Eyes On The World

Our Point Of View

Submit your point of view of Earth's, society, religion, politics, the human condition along with one Portrait.

MacroGraphic Poetics
Macrographic Poetry from a macroscopic perspective.