BirraBirro™ International Artists Magazine

"Your Art, Your Story, In Your Voice, Our Way, in Our Magazine." -B.I.A.M.

VersionS: PDF/Epub - ISSN 2381-5450

Version: Hardcopy - ISSN 2381 5442

BirraBirro is a Contemporary Art Magazine. The Magazine supports and promotes all Art Forms including commercial arts.

Here is a list of the art form we are looking for; Architecture, Fashion, Industrial Design, Literature - Poetry, Books, Writings (Novelists Included - All writings classification), Body Art, Shoe Design, Video, Music, Sound, Animation, Comic, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics,  Performance Art, Installation, Digital Art, Photography, Jewelry, Glass, Astrology.

The magazine also has two sections which are open to anyone to submit their story. If you have an interesting poignant story, and wish to share it with the world, feel free to tell us about it. This section is "INNERViews (Personal Stories Untold)". Submission requirements include two self portraits and images and or video relevant to the story or your life.

Then there is "Barnyard Philosophy", this section is where you submit your views of the world, humanity and your observation of all therein. This can include anything from Politics to Religion and expressed however you wish and in any language.

BirraBirro, DO NOT CENSOR. Speak your truth and speak it loud and clear. The magazine is about demystification in all it forms and formats. The Digital versions of the magazine does not have word limits, however, the Print version has. Contact us for more information.

For Artists submitting their works; "If your cannot WRITE, we cannot PICTURE you." You must have a story of your life.

THE ARTIST BIO-STORY: The Artist's Bio-Story should contain as much of his life as so wishes. For example; your upbringing, parents, sibilings, schools, formative years, experiences, influences, becoming an artist, trials and triumphs on becoming an artist, politics and philosophy influencing the work, artistic destination, if there is one, and, what do you want the world to know about you and your art in order to demystify.

The Artists Bio-Story should be written in the fist person. Should be casual and speaks directly to the reader in a familiar style, as if having a chat with a friend or companion whilst having a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of vine, over dinner or wherever comfortable.

FORMATS of the Bio-Story can either be, an Essay, a  Q&A, or Soliloquy. There is no word limit. However, there is with a minimum of a five hundred words. The Bio-Story can also be submitted in the form of a video, however a written version will also be required for the print version of the magazine.

D.P.P. - BirraBirro is in the act of respecting those creatives who have gone before us, and so, have made a space for the celebration of them. Anyone can submit a person of international standing who have made his art and voice heard through any medium. We encourage anyone reading to submit your favorite person. The submission should include a name, discipline, and a wikipedia bio of the person submitted, and should include evidence of the person's international relevance.

B.I.A.M. International Artists Magazine

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