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B.I.A.M. Arts Scholarship Foundation

 With your help, BirraBirro International Artists Magazine, supports a young Contemporary artist living anywhere in the world with Under Graduate Tuition Fees, and a stipend for Four Years in at Art Collage of their choice. The foundation shall be supported through Crowd Funding and by your PayPal Donations. Also, 30% of sales from our #Shop-PonDiCorner, will be donated to the BIAM Art Scholarship Foundation. With each Magazine you download, we ask that you donate whatever you can to assist in this effort.

There is strict criteria for the artist who wins this grant. The Artist can be from any genre or the arts. The main requirements is that the artist's work manifests creativity, fresh and innovative ideas, a progressive thought process, inventive medium, technique and or style. The Artists will also prove the need for BIAM ASF financial support.

Artists selected for Support, will be chosen by you, our friends, through a points system. The Artist with the Highest Voted Portfolio will recieve the award.

The award will be dispersed every four years and reduced to every year as our liquidity grows. Our First year's Target is US$220,000.00.

Every needs of the student will be met including, Travel, Room and Board, a Stipend, Books, an Apple Computer, Material Cost, Health and Travel Insurance. In addition, a small stipend for for clothing, local transportation, food, medication, toiletries and daily living cost will be covered by a Monthly stipend. If there is visa cost involved, the scholarship will also cover the cost. Passport is the responsibility of the Scholarship Winner.

The Foundation is in the process of development. This page will updated as soon as all relevant processes are complete.

Thank you for your support as we move forward.